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I am drawn to buildings in decay, broken windows and doors with vistas to the areas they are meant to shield of, flaking paint. However, the beauty of decay is not the theme of my work. It is about serendipity. Its process of searching, trying and finding is visible in all my work. It’s about finding something unexpected and useful while searching for something else. Serendipity can only exist through experimentation and clear observations. It is the art of happy coincidence.


I make paintings and constructions. More and more I combine these two art-forms. Through my choice of materials as well as my use of them, I mean to portray something that is multi- interpretable; anyone may recognize it from somewhere. Indeed, one’s memories will influence their development, their perception and personality. On my website you can find series combined with words that will trigger this imagination.


I like to think that my work is light-minded or playfull. At the same time it poses questions about life and existence, the way people are shaped and get to be at a certain point in life. Life itself is trial and error. If nothing else, my work tells you my story. Life is not a linear process, but unpredictable, coincidental. It needs to be continuously rediscovered. This is the search on how to fulfill life, perhaps start over en decide what to keep and what not. It’s a challenge to make life work, but in most cases eventually it does.


My constructions are mainly made of used wood that I collect. The worn-out material should be recognizable and its damages refer to its history. The constructions are pragmatically made, may seem instable. They are open and show spaces. They can also be the carriers of my canvasses.

Both forms of my work have the same origin: a structure of horizontal and vertical color fields, lines and layers. I paint with oil paint on canvas, the painting is compared with the constructions more compact of intent.


In 1987 I graduated my bachelor’s degree in teaching fine arts and art-history. In this period I mainly made spatial work. Some of my art was published in ‘Textielvaardig’, a manual for teaching methods forcrafts in textile by Henny Clason et al. In 2017 I graduated at the Academy of fine arts of Haarlem/Leiden.

I have a studio as autonomous artist in The Hague. I exhibit in a smaller circuit within The Hague, various works have been sold to private collectors. I am member of the art union Kadmium at Delft.

2018 - solo exhibition at Galerie 44, Molenstraat 44 The Hague
2019 - solo echibition at Galerie Windows47, Kleine Houtweg 47, Haarlem


+31 (0)6 51 57 85 85
Studio at Van Heutzstraat 12, The Hague, Netherlands